Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Get inspired by the clients of Chrysalis Studios - Jane's story

Chrysalis Studios would like to introduce you to one of our clients, Jane, who has given us permission to share her story and experience.

She had been married for 25 years with grown up children and felt it was now the right time for her to invest in herself. She has a job which is quite physical so is unable to wear smart clothes to work and in the evenings when she gets home she is so exhausted that she does not feel like dressing up.  Jane came to us looking for ways to rebuild her confidence and make her feel more feminine and attractive.

Jane wished to look more feminine

After a few sessions at Chysalis Studios you could see that Jane’s whole posture and body language was changing into that of a confident, successful woman.  She began to realize and appreciate that she was a wonderful wife and mother, was proud of her achievements and that she had been a great support system for her family.  However, somewhere along the line she had lost a bit of her own identity and decided it was time to give back to herself and celebrate the person she had become through her challenges and life experiences.

Jane after structured coaching and makeover sessions

As part of her image coaching sessions, we gave her examples of what her make-up might look like using some of her own products which she had in her make-up bag, but only used on special occasions. We also demonstrated how she could adapt her image with the right make-up and hair style in just a few steps. 

The key thing about image coaching is to create a style that is easily maintainable for the client’s lifestyle and to teach them how to do this independently as part of their daily routine. As Jane told us, she felt that getting some simple and straightforward advice helped her to use the minimal amount of make-up and hair products but still look groomed, glamorous and sophisticated and ready to face the world.

What do you think about Jane's new image? Let us know in the comments.